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The first phase of the Natus System:
An Environmental Legacy to the Humanity

Experience pilot results in 2021-2022
The Natus System pilot of the Environmental Crypto assets sought to be an initiate innovation to get together enterprising people, people who own Private Environmental Reserves (PPAs, acronym for Privately Protected Areas), and individuals using environmental crypto assets to strengthen the PPAs network in Brazil and the world.

Environmental crypto assets are digital items created with blockchain technology to support the nature preservation and construct of the environmental legacy. Learn more here. 

The purpose of the pilot

Why an environmental legacy through PPAs??

Privately Protected Areas (PPA) are essential to guarantee the conservation of the Amazon rainforest, Atlantic Forest, and other biomes in Brazil and the world. Despite their importance, the vast majority of PPAs are financed by their owners only. These people are already doing their part in building the environmental legacy and paying out of pocket for the conservation of nature that benefits us all.

The Natus system was born to join efforts in building the environmental legacy that the PPAs have already begun to build. But like every effort with global goals, the Natus System started with a pilot experience to test our ideas and create this community.
The Natus System pilot had three experiences
1. Creation of the Natus Unit
2. Sale of the Natus Unit
3. Distribution of the benefits from the sale of Natus Units
Each of these experiments generated the following results
1. Creation of the Natus Unit: Beyond the Carbon Market
2021 Collection - Arara Azul 
Launch: World Environment Day, June 2021
Natus Unit created in the collection: 9,719,479 NTSU
Participating RPPNs: 5 areasBiomes represented: Amazon, Pantanal, Atlantic Forest
Country of origin: Brazil
Validity of NTSU created: 1 year, from June 5, 2021, to June 4, 2022.
Each Natus Unit (NTSU) represents 1 m2 of the conserved and preserved area by each of the pilot RRPNs, along with the environmental benefits generated by them during the year before launch, from June 2020 to June 2021.
The technical team of the Natus System created the Methodology and carried out the analysis to identify the environmental benefits that it generated in that period. NTSU certifies that a PPA is conserved and has generated environmental benefits.
NTSU is the result of the composition of three main elements: carbon, water, and biodiversity – which in turn form the CBA – Basket of Environmental Benefits.
Meet the pioneering Privately Protected Areas (PPA) of the Natus System:
In Brazil, PPAs are called RPPNs (Private Natural Heritage Reserve)
Methodology and Analysis of Environmental Benefits: Jataí Capital e Conservação Consultores Associados
Study Funding: Satisfied Vagabonds LLC.
Eventos de lanzamiento del Sistema Natus em Brasil:
2. NTSU Sale: Beyond Philanthropy
NTSU Sold: 2997
Total users on the app:
Total NTSU owners:
64 people
Sale period:
August to November 2021

After creating NTSU, Sistema Natus developed the web application available at sistemanatus.io, an application built using the best of blockchain technology and functional programming languages, which ensure transparency, security and scalability of the application.

The application was made available from August to November 2021 to create accounts and purchase NTSU. The payment was made available through the Paypal platform.
UX-UI design and webapp development
Website design and development
NTSUs were purchased by people committed to the environmental legacy, representing three continents and the following countries: Brazil, Costa Rica, The United States, Peru, South Africa, Portugal, Switzerland, Hungary, and Sweden.
Fonte do mapa: Paypal
Tutorials: Explore the app's tutorials to learn about the main features available during the pilot: account creation, purchase, and benefits program (referral link).
3. Benefits Program
Total NTSU sold via referral link: 2144
Total users with referral link:
Distributed reward:

During the pilot, users with an active Natus System account and who purchased at least 1 NTSU could create a referral link and benefit their finances by connecting new people to the Natus System. Every time these new people bought Natus Unit, whoever invited them earned a percentage.
Distribution of benefits from the sale of Natus Units
Total amount to be distributed: US$ 2,607.64
Natus NFT to be distributed:
Of the total, 40% of the proceeds from the sale of NTSUs from the Arara Azul collection correspond to pioneer RPPNs (in proportion to their NTSU contribution to the collection).
Another 40% corresponds to Satisfied Vagabonds LLC (SAVA) as the entity that facilitated the funds to creat the methodology and analysis necessary for the creation of the NTSU of each RPPN.
Finally, the remaining 20% ​​corresponds to the Natus System.
People who purchased NTSUs from the first collection contributed to the legacy and also earned the right to digital collectibles (NFTs) created by artists committed to the legacy. These NFTs will be distributed from June 2022 through the Madnfts platform. Users will be able to collect them and receive benefits from the system; they will also be able to sell or donate them.

Natus NFTs are art pieces in the form of Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) representing the Arara Azul 2021-2022 collection.
Natus NFTs minted using
Natus NFT collection with support from
Natus NFT collection can be bought via
Following the changes and new possibilities offered by the technology and the crypto world, the Natus System has evolved and we will soon disclose more details about Version 2.0.

Do you want to be part of Version 2.0, the next phase of the Natus System?

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