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Backed by Nature and Other Memorable Experiences
A Blockchain Initiative to Build a Healthy Environmental Legacy for Humanity and Other Species

A Network of Collaborative Businesses*
Focused on Generating Memorable and Lucrative Experiences to Support Nature and People.

* Collaborative Businesses – new organizations similar to DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), in which members share governance and financial benefits.

Our Vision

Natus Unit is a digital certificate that represents the benefits generated by private environmental reserves.
pilot results
Peças de arte na forma de Non fungible tokens (NFTs). Natus NFTs são colecionáveis e usáveis para ter acesso a experiências.  
Buy NFTs
A cryptocurrency for the Natus Ecosystem. Coming Soon!
Sell, buy, rent, donate NFTs and other Natus cryptoassets.
Literacy for Natus members to make decisions based on informed democracy instead of token holdings.
Decentralized finance Instruments to support Natus System members.

A worldwide network of Experience Businesses (games, restaurants, wellbeing retreats, yoga centers, social currencies, etc.) that will grant incentives to Natus cryptoasset holders.
2019 – Natus System first conceptualization and pre-launch in Brazil

2020 – We created an ecological evaluation methodology and implemented it to 5 PPAs** on three biomes (Amazon, Pantanal and Atlantic Rainforest)

2021 – We launched our Natus MVP and evaluated it. 341 people joined as members and  2997 NTSU were sold.

2022 Q1-Q2 – Restructuration Phase. Redesign and simplification, incorporating Metaverse and Play to Earn elements into the Natus System as a Service.

2022 Q3-Q4 – Implementation Phase. First NFT collection launch. Marketplace and Governance tools. New experiences added to the network.

2023 – Co-Develop additional DeFi instruments to support Natus system members.


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