Privately Protected Areas (PPA) with financial autonomy
An Environmental Legacy to Humanity
The Natus System of Environmental Cryptoassets is an innovative initiative that brings together entrepreneurs, owners of Privately Protected Areas (PPA) and people using the best of blockchain technology to strengthen the worldwide network of PPAs.

On June 2nd, we pre-launched the NATUS SYSTEM OF ENVIRONMENTAL CRYPTOASSETS, on  Jataí Capital e Conservação Youtube channel.

The co-founders of the Natus System, Flávio Ójidos, Laercio Machado, Karla Córdoba Brenes and Ranulfo Paiva Sobrinho shared the system's objectives and functioning to an interested audience aligned with the values ​​behind the Natus System.

Why an environmental legacy through PPAs?
Around 53% of the native vegetation in Brazil occurs on Private Properties.

Privately Protected Areas (PPA) are essential to guarantee the conservation of the Amazon rainforest, Atlantic Forest and other biomes in Brazil and the world. Despite their importance, the vast majority of PPAs are financed by their owners only. These people are already doing their part in building the environmental legacy and paying out of pocket for the conservation of nature that benefits you and society.

How about if we support them and still benefit nature and our finances?

The Natus system was born to join efforts in building the environmental legacy that the PPAs have already started to build.
We build the environmental legacy through practices that:
Go beyond carbon markets
Natus Unit (NTSU) represent water springs, biodiversity, preserved forests, among other environmental benefits generated by one or more PPAs in one year. Profits from NTSU sales will go to PPAs and system supporters. 

Unite art with environmental conservation
When you buy Natus Unit you contribute with the legacy and also receive non-fungible tokens (NFTs) created by artists committed with the legacy. You can collect them or receive benefits of the system, and you can also sell or donate them.

Go beyond philanthropy
You support the environmental legacy, and, if you like, you can also benefit your finances. You earn by connecting new people to the Natus System, and every time they purchase Natus Unit, you earn a percentage. Simple!

Cryptoassets of the Natus System
Environmental cryptoassets are digital tokens created with blockchain technology to support nature conservation and the construction of an environmental legacy. Learn more here. 
Natus Unit
Digital certificates that represent environmental benefits generated by PPAs in a given period of time.

Launching: 5 June 2021
World Environment Day

Coming soon!
Natus NFT
Artwork in the form of non-fungible tokens that represent each collection.

Coming soon!
Meet the pioneering Privately Protected Areas (PPA) of the Natus System
RPPN Gigante do Itaguaré
Cruzeiro, SP
RPPN Neivo Pires
Miranda, MS
RPPN La Figueira
Piracaia, SP
RPPN Sítio Bons Amigos
Manaus, AM
RPPN Morro das Aranhas
Florianópolis, SC
Building an environmental legacy in three steps
1. Conservation: Everything starts with PPA owners
After registering a PPA into the Natus System and subscribing to the Terms and Conditions, the property will be analyzed by the Natus System technical team to define the environmental benefits generated within a year, related to the forest carbon stock, biodiversity and water resources. From that analysis will derive the Natus Unit that will be traded with people and organizations that wish to contribute with the environmental legacy. 

2. Purchase
You, your friends, and other organizations can also contribute to the legacy and receive financial benefits by purchasing Natus Unit. Profits from the sale of Natus Unit will go directly to the owners of environmental reserves and supporters of the system. The purchase of Natus Unit will be made available through the Natus webapp (coming soon).

3. Connect
You contribute with the legacy and, if you like, you can also receive financial benefits. You earn by connecting new people to the Natus system, once they purchase Natus Unit you earn a percentage. Simple!

Participate in the construction of the Environmental Legacy
The 2021 Collection of the Natus system will be announced on World Environment Day, June 5, 2021.
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